Custom Design

We start by understanding the customer’s requirements and capturing these in a specification. Once budgets and timescales are agreed the design process starts. We make sure that there are plenty of reviews along the way so that the customer has the chance to check that things are progressing to plan and that the design meets their expectations. In just about every case we make a prototype which is delivered to the customer for testing and evaluation. Sometimes it is useful to make a concept demonstrator before starting on the prototype. This reduces some of the risks by proving the concept at an early stage of development.

Once everyone is happy with the prototype we can move on to production. Using a well proven network of subcontractors we can manufacture small or large batches of production units and can offer a “one stop shop” to production, including build, test and packaging. For units that are to be offered for sale in the EU we can offer CE testing and certification using specialist test houses.

Our involvement does not stop here. There is always a need to roll out updates and incorporate feedback from the customer. The design process is viewed as a partnership and we like to buld long term relationships with our customers, so get in touch and tell us your great idea.